Underrepresented Minority Scholarships

Yates Fellowship Program

Open to incoming master’s and doctoral students, this fellowship is awarded to 25 students each year. Master’s students receive a full tuition scholarship for two years, plus a stipend. Doctoral students receive a full tuition scholarship for four years, plus a stipend. 

Provost Graduate Fellowship

Open to incoming PhD students, this three-year fellowship provides a full tuition scholarship and an annual stipend of $25,000.

Graduate Dean's Excellence Scholarship

Open to incoming doctoral students, this scholarship provides a one-time supplementary award of $3,000 in the student's first fall semester. 

Note: All three awards require nomination from the program. If you believe you are eligible for any of these awards, please notify the program director for the program you applied to and request that the program nominate you for one or more of these awards.