How to Review, Approve and Finalize Students for Graduation

Graduate Program Coordinators and Program Directors should access Certify Online to review, approve and finalize students for graduation. To begin the process and to view tutorials, go to:

In order for the student to be reviewed by the Graduate School for graduation certification the following must be checked on the student record:

  • PR (Program Status) approval for each student record.
  • PDA (Program Director Approval) approval for each student record. See below screen shots.

Deadline dates are posted in Certify Online. These dates are firm. The program deadline is two days after the current semester grades are submitted.

Student Record Example:

Select your college, program and term. Click Search.

How to select your program.

Once the students record populates click the select button to review the student record.

How to select a student.

Click on Details next to each section to review.
Inside the student record the Program Requirements must have a green check in order for the PDA to approve:

How to review and approve program requirements.

Programs should continue to review and monitor Certify Online Candidate list for Graduate School approval. Normally this is completed the week following the PDA approval deadline.

  • A student approved by the Graduate School for certification will appear with a green CF on the program Candidate list.
  • Any student not approved for graduation must be notified by the program to reapply for the next semester.
  • The ETD tab appears in the student record to display only to the program the progress of the student thesis or dissertation submission. It will display - in the ETD status detail “GS” with a green check mark when the student completes each step.

Example of Certified Student

Example of certified student.
Legend for certification.

Certify Online Initiate Waiver Process: Done by Program Director Approval (PDA) only

  • If a waiver request is needed, use the Initiate Waiver link (see screen shot below):
  • Tutorial can be found at:
  • Once a waiver is finalized it will appear for viewing to the Program Coordinator in the student record. See screen shot below.

Use link to submit waiver.

How to submit a waiver request.

View Submitted Waivers and Status of waiver (approved/not approved):

View submitted waivers and waiver status.

Requesting to delete a student from graduation:

The link below found in the student record in certify on line can send an automatic email to the Graduate School to remove the student from graduation. 2-3 days after the request the student should then be able to apply for a future term.

How to request the Graduate School delete an application.