Admissions Review by Programs

The Graduate School strongly advises that programs NOT require official transcripts for making admissions decisions. Using unofficial transcripts during admissions review will simplify and accelerate the application process for applicants, programs and the Graduate School. Any significant discrepancies between student-provided unofficial transcripts and official transcripts obtained later will be grounds for dismissal.

If a program decides to require official transcripts for admissions decisions, the program should inform the Graduate School and follow the procedures outlined below for providing those transcripts to the Graduate School. The program will be charged $5 per transcript for each applicant that was not accepted into their program at UC. This fee covers the time it takes to process a transcript. Programs may need to change their websites and letters of acceptance to applicants to reflect the changes in the way transcripts will be processed.

Programs/colleges will not be charged the $5 fee for erroneously sent transcripts if: the program’s application instructions and web site make it clear that (1) official transcripts are NOT required during the admissions process, (2) it IS required that unofficial transcripts be uploaded by the applicant during the admissions process, and (3) applicants are informed that they should not send official transcripts until they are offered admission to a program and accept that offer to come to University of Cincinnati. In this scenario, the Graduate School will simply hold onto any erroneously sent official transcripts and will not process them until the student joins the program. These transcripts will be stored for one year before being discarded.