Program Request of Accepted and Confirmed Students

Once a student has been accepted and confirmed, the program should send the student an email stating the need to provide an official transcript directly to the Graduate School. Admitted students should be strongly encouraged to send their transcripts as soon as all coursework has been finished and degrees conferred. This practice will help avoid bottleneck delays and reduce the chance of problems with student status. Programs are welcome to set an earlier deadline for official transcripts, but this requirement should be sensitive to the realities of when they can be delivered. Program coordinators should send out several reminders after a student has been accepted.

Students will not be allowed to complete a full semester of graduate school without appropriate qualifications being verified. The Graduate School will entertain limited and exceptional requests for further delays past mid-semester. Students must be counselled appropriately and programs need to make students aware that they may sacrifice tuition dollars if they are expelled in the middle of a semester. For international students, lack of an official transcript can lead to the revocation of their student visas.