Program Receipt of Transcripts

Program Receipt of Official Transcripts

Students may send transcripts to programs instead of the Graduate School. After verifying that transcripts are official, please add the student’s UC ID to the top of the document and send them through interdepartmental mail to the Graduate School c/o Andrew Upton. Unofficial transcripts should never be sent to the Graduate School. 

Program Receipt of Electronic Transcripts

The Graduate School also accepts electronic transcripts sent directly by the school as official. These documents can be sent to with Andrew Upton as the contact person if required. If electronic transcripts are sent to a program office, the program staff person should download and save the document. Please then forward it to Andrew Upton along with the student’s UC ID. Please do not forward the original email as the security for these documents is based upon the original email.

If the program’s college has access to official electronic transcripts through a common application service, these are considered official. However, they still need to be entered into OnBase. Arrangements with individual programs will be made for the submission of these documents.