4+1 Degree Programs

For students who are already enrolled as undergraduates at the University of Cincinnati, some departments offer a coordinated bachelor’s-master’s degree program, often called a 4+1, providing an accelerated path to a master’s degree. Students who enter these programs will still complete all of the requirements of each respective degree, in turn.

However, the knowledge that they will matriculate in the master’s degree program upon completion of the bachelor degree allows them to (a) begin taking graduate-level coursework as an undergraduate student, and (b) begin focusing on thesis-related, independent research at an earlier date.

Students who are considering this program should note the following:

  • Students who enroll in graduate-level coursework prior to formally matriculating as a graduate student are allowed to apply 12 semester graduate-level credits toward the requirements of the master’s degree. These credits cannot be used for the bachelor’s degree. Students in the 4+1 program will complete the rest of their graduate coursework after formal completion and certification of the bachelor degree. Please see the section of this handbook containing the requirements of the master’s degree and speak with your individual program.
  • All students, including 4+1 students, wishing to matriculate into a master’s program must complete a formal graduate admission application online to transition to graduate status and begin the master’s degree. There is no application fee for the accelerated application. Students have five years from matriculation into the graduate program to complete all requirements of the master’s degree. While the 4+1 program creates an accelerated path to completing a master’s degree, students are permitted up to five years to finish if needed.


To be eligible for entry to the bachelor’s-master’s track, students must have junior standing (a minimum of 95.5 quarter credits or 64 semester credits). In addition, students must meet all College and departmental graduate program admission requirements for this track.