Request Authorization

New program coordinators and new program directors must request access to Graduate School applications, such as Applicant Review and Certify Online. They can request access by logging into

The Graduate School maintains the list of all graduate program contacts at This list names the department head, program director and program coordinator for every graduate program. Programs may also list contacts for additional roles, such as admissions contact, graduation contact, and enrollment advisor(s). This contact list is used by faculty, current students and prospective students to figure out whom they should call or email with a question or issue.

If you need to be listed (or removed) as a contact for a graduate program, you can make the changes yourself:

1. Go to Log in.

2. You’re existing user information will appear. From this screen you can update your information. Please be sure that only digits are included in the phone number. From the drop down menu, either choose faculty or staff as affiliation.


Screen to enter personal information.

3. You will then see this screen in which you can request (additional) access, view/edit access, remove access, manage your program roles, view/edit your information.

Home screen for Request Access.

4. To “view/edit access” you will choose a functional area from the drop down menu and then click “show my current programs”. This will show all of the programs for which you are currently listed in that role.

View and edit my access screen.

5. You can then select the program(s) you wish to edit, “select all” or “deselect all”

6. You can remove access the same way, but by clicking the “remove access” tab at the top of the page.

7. To manage your roles click the “manage my program roles” tab.

How to manage my roles.

8. Click your college from the drop down menu and click “show programs”. That will bring you to this screen, in which you can see all the roles and apply correct roles. To the right of the page you will see a small table in which you will also need to click “yes” for the “Web Display” section in order for your role to show online in the Grad Contacts page.

How to add or remove roles.

Note: You cannot edit/update/add information or roles for someone else. Please share these instructions with new staff/faculty and ask them to make updates for themselves. In the case that someone leaves UC without deleting his/her roles, please ask Virginia Dennis to make these changes.