Processing Reinstatements, Extensions, Readmissions, & Leave of Absences

Graduate Program Coordinator

  1. Verifies accuracy of information on petition using student information system
    1. Degree level
    2. Entry term – Master’s student (7 years prior to 07A; five years as of 07A); Doctoral student (9 years)
    3. Last term registered
    4. Years of non-registration
    5. All prior extensions granted (for Extension only)
  2. Forwards petition along with required documentation, including program letter of support, and required signatures (faculty advisor, graduate program director and college associate dean) to the Graduate school, ML – 0627.

Graduate School

  1. Reviews petition for approval/denial
  2. Sends a letter by email to student regarding decision and stating fees, if applicable. The faculty advisor, the graduate program director and graduate program coordinator are copied on the email. A copy is placed in the student’s file at the Graduate School Office.
  3. Enters receipt of payment in the student information system.
  4. Maintains record in Graduate School office of payment made.
  5. Enters extension and date of time to degree in the student record
  6. Sends supplemental form to Registrar’s office for current residency data if applicable