Graduate Incentive Award (GIA) / Graduate Assistant Scholarship (GAS)

The Graduate School funds scholarships that cover all or part of a student’s tuition and fees. The appointing program sends offers of scholarship awards in writing, including information about the amount and duration of the award and the terms of the offer. Students must maintain all of the required eligibility requirements in their offer letter to maintain their tuition scholarship.

In most colleges, there are two types of scholarship awards supported by the Graduate School, the Graduate Incentive Award (GIA) and Graduate Assistant Scholarship (GAS). The GIA is for graduate students who do not receive university stipend support and therefore no service is required in return for the award. The GAS is for graduate students who are graduate assistants that receive stipend support and have service requirements.

Students receiving a tuition scholarship must be registered for at least the number of graduate credit hours covered by the award in each semester for which they are receiving support. Full tuition scholarships cover a maximum of 18 credits per semester. Students registered for more than 18 credits in a semester will be billed tuition and general fees on a per-credit-hour rate for each credit over the 18. Prior to using scholarship support for any audited courses, students must register for a minimum credit load of graded courses (10 graduate credit hours if supported by a GIA, 12 if supported by a GAS) in the same semester. If a student withdraws from a class funded by a tuition scholarship, with the remaining enrolled credit hours totaling less than the minimum required for the award, the award is cancelled immediately and the student is responsible for the tuition balance, based on the date of withdrawal.

All rules that govern recipients of tuition support pertain to all students, including international students. Other rules and policies that apply specifically to international students are independent of GIA/GAS regulations. Both sets of regulations must be met. Neither set of regulations negates or takes the place of the other. (See 174 Graduate Credit Rule.)

Note: Financial awards that require no service may reduce eligibility for educational loans. Students should notify the Student Financial Aid Office of their tuition support if they apply for aid from that office.