Transfer of Graduate Credits

Students who have completed graduate work at other schools or at UC may petition their graduate program director for transfer of credits to be applied towards a master’s or doctoral degree at the University of Cincinnati. This petition is evaluated by the program that has been petitioned. A University of Cincinnati graduate program can accept or reject transfer credits at its own discretion, regardless of the graduate degree program or discipline in which they were earned.

The number of credit hours transferred from a course taken at another institution into a program at the University of Cincinnati cannot exceed either (1) the number of credits taken at the other institution or (2) the number of credit hours given for a University of Cincinnati course that covers equivalent material. (When converting quarter hours to semester hours, 3 quarter credit hours are equal to 2 semester credit hours; 1 quarter hour equals 2/3 semester credit hours.)

Normally, credits are not transferred if they were earned more than five years prior to the date of the student’s application to the University of Cincinnati program that is considering the credit transfer without approval by the Director or Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

Some students may wish to take courses outside the university while they are a matriculated student in a UC degree program. If a student wishes to take courses from outside the university as part of their graduate degree at UC, they must obtain advance approval from their program for those transfer credits prior to enrolling in the outside courses.