3361:50-77-23*, The graduate school: doctoral degree programs

*these are only parts of this BOT rule

(A)  Credit hours/program-specific and university requirements

  1. A minimum of sixty (if the student has earned a master’s degree) or ninety (if the student has not earned a master’s degree) semester credit hours of graduate work in one graduate program shall be successfully completed for a doctoral degree including credits for dissertation research. In no case, however, shall a degree be granted solely on the basis of accumulated credit hours. The doctoral degree will be granted for no less than the equivalent of three years of full-time graduate study.
  2. Graduate programs shall recommend students for the doctoral degree after they have met all program-specific and university requirements for the degree including satisfactory completion of an approved dissertation or other culminating project.
  3. The final thirty semester credits must be completed under the direction of graduate faculty from the University of Cincinnati.
  4. Prior to admission to doctoral candidacy, doctoral students shall complete a residency requirement of a minimum enrollment of ten graduate credit hours per semester for two out of three consecutive semesters of study including summer.

(B)  Candidacy

  1. Doctoral students shall complete a departmental certification process for doctoral candidacy. The nature of this departmental certification process and the rules governing its administration shall be determined by the doctoral program in which the student is enrolled.
  2. A doctoral student shall be admitted to candidacy when he or she has achieved a grade point average of at least 3.0 for all doctoral course work, satisfactorily completed all pre-candidacy requirements as specified by the doctoral program in which the student is enrolled, and successfully completed the departmental certification process.
  3. Once a student is admitted to candidacy, he or she shall register for at least one graduate credit hour in the fall semester of each year to maintain his or her graduate student and candidacy status.

*the below sections are only parts of this BOT rule (from section E)

  1. The research mentor shall serve as chairperson of the dissertation committee.
  2. A dissertation committee shall be composed of a minimum of three full-time faculty members with professorial rank at the University of Cincinnati. The committee chair must be a member of the graduate faculty.
  3. Individuals with appropriate expertise may be added to a dissertation committee if nominated by the candidate and approved by the committee chairperson and doctoral program. Such persons shall serve without compensation from the university or candidate, and shall be full voting members of the committee.