3361:50-77-15, The graduate school: graduate credits

Credit can be earned for only those courses numbered six thousand through nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine. Upon recommendation of the departments concerned, a limited number of graduate credits may be granted for graduate work done in residence in other accredited universities. Six condensed summer terms at the University of Cincinnati or at other qualified universities are regarded as the equivalent of one academic year. 

(A)  Full-time/part-time course load: students enrolled in a full-time program of graduate study should be registered for ten or more graduate credits each semester. Students with outside work, or those who for other reasons devote less than full time to graduate study, will be allowed to register for the number of graduate credits judged by their advisory department to represent the appropriate fraction of a full-time load.

(B)  Graduate assistants: students receiving graduate assistantships must carry a course load of twelve credits or more each semester.

(C)  University graduate scholarship recipients: students receiving university graduate scholarships, who are not also graduate assistants, must carry a course load of at least the number of graduate credit hours covered by the university graduate scholarship each semester for which they are receiving support.

(D)  Graduate credit for undergraduate students: any college or degree-granting unit may allow seniors to register for graduate courses for graduate credit before these students have completed the baccalaureate degree. If the college or degree-granting unit permits such registration, it should limit the privilege to the student having senior standing, a grade point average of at least three and zero tenths but higher if so desired by the student's department, as evidenced by a petition from the student signed by an authorized member of the department. Upon approval by the department and the course instructor, graduate credit will be given for the courses. A maximum of fifteen graduate credits may be obtained in this manner. Credit will not be given toward both graduate and undergraduate degrees for the same course.

(E)  Six-thousand level courses: a graduate student who is registered for six-thousand level courses carrying both undergraduate and graduate credit may be required to complete a certain amount of academic work in addition to that required of undergraduates in the same course. The extra work may consist of reading and reviewing additional books, presenting reports, or doing such supplementary work, as the instructor in charge of the course deems advisable.