Appendix of Board of Trustees Rules

The following text is excerpted from the University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees (BOT) rules governing the Graduate School. These excerpts contain some of the most specific and procedural directions in the BOT rules, that may be removed from the BOT rules during revision in favor of more general rules. They have been incorporated without modification into the 2019-2020 Graduate Handbook.

If these rules are deleted from the BOT rules, then the text in this Appendix comes into force as policy governing the Graduate School. The goal is to provide continuity of governance in the event that the University BOT rules are revised to delete these specific directions.

If this text comes into force as policy, it expands the role of Graduate Council to propose and consider measures and policies for the improvement of the graduate school, to include the areas previously covered by these BOT rules (e.g. aspects of admission to graduate programs, definition of a graduate student, issues related to graduate credit, interdisciplinary programs, minimum academic performance, the Greater Cincinnati Consortium, and requirements for graduate certificates, masters and doctoral degrees).