Graduate Program Review

Update, April 2020:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Graduate School has decided to suspend the 2020 graduate program reviews for one calendar year. For programs originally scheduled for 2020, please plan on conducting your review site visit in fall 2021. We will keep you abreast of any changes/updates throughout the 2020 academic year.

Graduate programs (including professional programs except the JD, MD and PharmD) are reviewed on a seven-year cycle. If a master's and PhD or professional doctorate in the same discipline exist in the same department, the two degrees are reviewed as one, with separate data provided for each. Programs scheduled for review are given a report template in late spring of the academic year preceding the review, and a meeting with the relevant graduate program director(s) is held in early summer. The report is due to the Graduate School by July 1. Two reviewers, one external to the University of Cincinnati and one internal, are selected by the Graduate School Dean from a list provided by the program director(s).

External reviewers must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Reviewers may not be current or past employees of the University of Cincinnati.
  2. Reviewers may not be former advisors, students or relatives of current program faculty.
  3. Reviewers may not be past or current collaborators of any program faculty member.
  4. Reviewers must be well acquainted with the training of graduate students in the discipline of the program under review and preferably have experience with the administration of a graduate program.
  5. Reviewers must have no professional or private conflict of interest that would bias their review of the program in either a positive or negative fashion.

Reviewers are given a copy of the program director's report in mid-August, and the review on campus including on-site by the external reviewer occurs during fall semester. A reviewer's report is the basis for discussion with the program and program's college deans, with recommendations or requirements for changes, and investment is also possible. If warranted, the Dean of the Graduate School may require a subsequent review sooner than the usual seven years.

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