Editorial Assistance Awards

The Editorial Assistance Awards (formerly known as the Editorial Assistantship Award and the Editor Assistance Grants) provide support to faculty who choose to take on journal editing responsibilities. If selected for an award, the editor will receive support to hire a graduate student (as a GA or student worker) to serve as an editorial assistant.

The Graduate School offers two levels of support for this award:

  • Support for a graduate assistantship position. Each student receiving an assistantship will be awarded a Graduate Assistant Scholarship (GAS) and $14,500 stipend to be used towards a 10-month academic appointment. The student appointed by the faculty member to the GA position must be a full-time graduate student eligible for a graduate assistantship.
  • Support for a graduate student worker. Faculty will be given funds to pay $15/hour for 4 to 10 hours per week to hire one or more graduate students to provide editorial assistance. The graduate student worker(s) must be hourly-paid, matriculated part- or full-time graduate student(s) in good standing at UC.

Faculty who apply for, but do not receive, funds for a graduate assistantship position will automatically be considered for funding for a graduate student worker.

Editorial Assistance Awards may be renewed only if selected by the committee through the formal application process each year. Generally, there is a three-year limit on receiving an editorial assistantship for a journal not permanently housed at the University of Cincinnati.

Upcoming Award Cycle

Applications will be due to Virginia Dennis by 5 p.m. on November 9, 2018. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Winners will be announced in early January. Please direct questions to