Graduate Degree Title Change

Approval Process Overview

A proposal for a degree title change is initiated by the submission of a Degree Title Change form. The steps for approval are described in the flow chart below.

If you have questions regarding the review process, please contact Lori Griffin (

Flow chart: approval process for degree title changes.

After Approval

  1. Create a PASLA
    • After official approval is received, the submitting program faculty will complete a New Academic Program Submission form, attach a copy of the approved proposal. Completed forms should be submitted to Lori Griffin (ML 0097) to obtain the required signatures. 
    • The form will then be submitted to the Registrar's Office for creation of a PASLA.
  2. Create the Certificate (M-1) in eCurriculum
    • Once a PASLA is created by the Registrars Office, the program faculty can develop a M-1 in eCurriculum