Graduate students sit at a round table and talk at a workshop.

The Graduate School offers the Graduate Student Workshop Series, which supplements a student's academic training by providing brief, specific skill-building sessions on professional and personal development. UC faculty, alumni, staff and community partners act as topical experts and present on such topics as oral presentation, credit, budgeting and nonacademic career development. 

Upcoming Workshops, 2019–20

You can download presentations, handouts and other materials from previous workshops by going to the Past Workshops page.

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Fall Workshop Schedule

Workshop Series: Composing Your Presentation Toolkit

These three workshops will help students improve their research communication skills. Students may register for any of the three; participation in the earlier workshops is not needed for the later workshops. 

Navigating Between Disciplines: How to Make Your Research Speak to Any Audience

This workshop was offered twice, on September 26 on the Medical Campus and October 3 on the West Campus.

Instructor: Dr. Suzanne Boys
Professor of Communication & Public Relations Program Director

Workshop #1 in the workshop series, Composing Your Presentation Toolkit.

Have you noticed that your written or oral communication skills need some refinement? Sometimes in grad school, we become accustomed to conversing and presenting research with colleagues in same field of study. This allows us to forget how to approach an interdisciplinary audience that isn’t familiar with the field’s foundational concepts or terms. This workshop will aid students in formulating an oral or written presentation that is accessible and interesting to a well-educated, broad audience; but at the same time, prevent the students’ research from being trivialized or oversimplified. It will address creating a narrative, choosing audience-appropriate language, persuasion techniques, and more. These skills will be useful for networking, seeking research/scholarship collaborators, grant writing, proposals for academic/research journal publication, conference presentation, and more. 

Visual Presentation Aids: Principles of Visual Communication

We are offering two sessions of this workshop. Register for the Medical Campus or West Campus session. Registration is required. Light refreshments will be provided. 

Medical Campus:
Tuesday, October 22nd from 11:30am - 1pm
Location: Medical Sciences Building (MSB), Room 6051

West Campus:
Wednesday, November 6th from 1:30pm - 3pm
Location: Teachers-Dyer Complex, Room 160

Instructor: Dr. Lora Arduser
Director of Professional and Technical Writing Program and Associate Professor of English

Workshop #2 in the workshop series, Composing Your Presentation Toolkit. Participation in workshop #1 not needed for this workshop.

What makes for a good visual aid? Effective visual aids can capture audience attention, provide an alternate method of sharing information to accommodate different learning methods, and can present complex information in a single glance. As such, visual aids should not be an afterthought, but should receive the same level of consideration as crafting an oral or written message. This workshop will cover principles of visual communication, including visual flow, use of white space and color, visual balance, identifying intuitive symbols for your audience, accessibility guidelines, accurately representing data, and more. 

Strategic Public Speaking

We are offering two sessions of this workshop. Register for the Medical Campus or West Campus session. Light refreshments will be provided. 

Medical Campus:
Tuesday, November 12th from 12:30pm to 2pm
Location: Medical Sciences Building (MSB), room 2351

West Campus:
Wednesday, November 13th from 12:30pm to 2pm
Location: 400C in TUC

Instructor: Dr. Brian Calfano
Associate Professor of Journalism and Political Science

Workshop #3 in the workshop series, Composing Your Presentation Toolkit. Participation in workshop #1 or 2 not needed for this workshop.

You’ve crafted your argument and designed visual aids, so now you need to present your work. This workshop will focus on maximizing physical presence during the presentation, including using a mic, regulating speed/volume of your speech, effective use of body language and movement, making eye contact with the audience, seamlessly incorporating visual aids into your presentation, and more. 


Preparing Future Faculty Workshops and Sessions

Preparing Future Faculty Information Session

This information session was held twice, on September 17 on the West Campus and September 30 on the Medical Campus.

Interested in joining UC's Preparing Future Faculty program? Curious about a career in academia? Preparing to become a professor? Join UC's Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program for an informational session. During this session, we will cover the mission of PFF, the elements of PFF, and potential benefits of PFF. Come hear about the program and discover what PFF can do for you. 

Writing Your Diversity Statement Workshop

Register for the Diversity Statement workshop.

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019
From 1:00 - 2:00 PM 
TUC 400C

Join UC's Preparing Future Faculty program, in collaboration with the UC Academic Writing Center, in an interactive workshop on writing your diversity statement. This workshop is designed for those preparing to apply to faculty positions within academia. Students will receive instruction and tips on writing a diversity statement and will have the opportunity to interact with PFF and Academic Writing Center staff. Preparing faculty applications? This workshop might be right for you!


Student Panel Workshops

Scholarly Organizations: Having a Successful Conferencing Experience

Friday, October 18th, 2019
From 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM 
TUC 427

Let’s talk about conferences! Conferences are one of the first opportunities for graduate students to engage with fellow researchers and scholars as peers. However, planning and preparing for your first conference experience can be a nerve-wracking experience – especially if you will also be presenting. This workshop will equip you with all the tools necessary for making the most of your first conference, from navigating conference “norms” and conventions to networking and making a positive impression to anticipating what office supplies, presentation materials, and even clothing to pack.

The first half of the program will feature a guide to the academic conference experience by Dr. Marcus Johnson, Associate Professor of Educational Studies, CECH. The second half will feature a graduate student panel with experienced conference presenters. These students will speak about the ways they benefited from attending a conference, what they wish they could have done differently, and their tips for navigating the conference experience.

UC Workshops

UC academic departments and offices also provide workshops of relevance to graduate students. UC workshops are a collegial forum in which students can sharpen skills now while they prepare for their futures.

The Academic Writing Center offers free workshops to graduate students on important writing concepts. Workshops are typically one hour, and cover topics such as Creating an Outstanding CV, Composing a Literature Review, Starting Your Dissertation, and Overcoming Writer's Block. Visit AWC's Graduate Tutoring page for their workshop schedule and for graduate writing resources. 

The Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning (CET&L) offers an array of experiential workshops and learning modules tailored to the needs of graduate teaching assistants, faculty and others interested in improving their teaching.

The University Libraries offer workshops on both East and West Campus to support graduate students in their research.

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