Writing Accountability Groups

With all the demands on your time, do you struggle to make time for scholarly writing? Would you benefit from a support group of fellow graduate students who are working on a similar writing project?

Write Daily, Get Encouragement Weekly with WAGs

Writing Accountability Groups (WAGs) provide a structured writing schedule with an accountability system to keep you on-track and productive. WAGs provide support for all forms of scholarly writing, such as theses and dissertations, scholarly journal articles, lengthy class assignments, grant applications and more.

WAGs involve weekly hour-long meetings with an interdisciplinary group of fellow graduate students, while pledging to write 30 minutes each day between meetings. Participants in each WAG hold each other accountable and provide encouragement and support.

How do WAGs work?

WAGs are composed of 4–8 graduate students from across the university. Group members meet once a week for an hour, while pledging to write 30 minutes each day between meetings. For the spring 2019 semester, WAGs will meet from the week of February 4 through the week of April 22. The Graduate School will take care of coordinating schedules and booking rooms.

Writing Accountability Groups

Will a WAG Provide Feedback or Writing Assistance?

No. The purpose of WAGs is to set up a schedule and support system to help you write more. WAGs are not intended to provide feedback on the writing you produce nor to improve your writing skills (the Academic Writing Center already provides this assistance).


  • WAGs consist of 4–8 people from a variety of departments and colleges (when possible).
  • Groups meet once per week, for one hour total.
  • For the first 15 minutes, members share their goals for the day in addition to what they accomplished since the last meeting.
  • Members then writes for 30 minutes.
  • For the last 15 minutes, members share what they accomplished during their writing session, as well as their goal for the upcoming week.
  • Each member promises to write a minimum of 30 minutes each day.
  • Every week, a note-taker will fill in a spreadsheet of each individual's goals and accomplishments. This can be a designated note-taker, or it can alternate every week—this depends on the preferences of the group.
  • Each member will commit to missing no more than one meeting per month.

How do I join a WAG?

Registration for spring 2019 semester WAGs opened December 18 and will close January 21. If you are interested in joining, please fill out this brief survey:

Those who register will be asked to provide their weekly availability. Groups will be assigned by the Graduate School based on availability. Whenever possible, the Graduate School will create groups with members from a variety of departments and colleges.

If you have any questions, please email Jamisha Miniefield at