2020 3MT Schedule

The presentation schedule for the UC Graduate School's Three Minute Thesis competition, held on Thursday, February 20, 2020, at the 1819 Innovation Hub, room 230, 10 a.m. 

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Ganesh Raman, Architecture, MArch:
"Water: Architecture and Structure – Solutions for the Urban Water Crises"

Orlaith Heymann, Sociology, PhD:
"Sex Educators: A Missing Piece of the Puzzle"

Trang Vu, Pharmaceutical Sciences, PhD:
"The Future of Shampoo: Petroleum-Derived or Plant-Based?"

Andrea Beaudoin-Valenzuela, Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures, PhD:
"Fictional Representations of Alzheimer’s Disease in Narrative Written in Spanish"

Smruti Deoghare, Biomedical Informatics, PhD:
"Saving Lives with Artificial Intelligence"

Alex Smith, English, PhD:
"The Other AIDS Epidemic"

Nawshaba Nawreen, Neuroscience, PhD:
"From Chaos to Calm"

C.J. Miller, Classics, PhD:
"Soldiers, Saints, and Stereotypes: A Cultural History of the Centurion"

Wesley Parker, Geology, PhD:
"North African Climate Change: Using Snails to Reconstruct Climatic Variability Through Time"

Aline Skrzeszewski, Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures, PhD:
"A Walk Beyond Literary Boundaries"

Lauren Street, Physics, PhD:
"Time to Discover Dark Matter"

Nada Abdalla, Immunology, MS:
"How Does our Superhero Remember?"

10 minute break

Chi Hoi Jimmy Cheung, Piano Performance, DMA:
"Creating an Authentic Musical Experience"

Victoria Jensen, Neuroscience Graduate Program, PhD:
"V2a Neurons: Giving us the Breath of Life"

Moti Saleminik, Master of Design, MDes:
"Power of Napping: Designing a Tool to Promote Napping Culture and Diminish Sleep Deprivation Negative Side Effects"

Brittney Miles, Sociology, PhD:
"Breaking from the Mold: Good Girls, Bad Girls, and Black Girls in Cincinnati Schools"

Apipa Wanasathop, Pharmaceutical Sciences, PhD:
"Ouch! That Ice Cream Hurts!"

Anne Delano Steinert, History, PhD:
"Finding New Histories in Buildings, Cities, and Streets"

Crystal Whetstone, Political Science, PhD:
"Motherhood and Political Activism"

Cleo Kum, Nursing, PhD:
"Understanding Health in Family Caregivers of Stroke Survivors"

A.J. Adejare, Biomedical Informatics, PhD:
"Giving Agency to Dialysis Patients Through Shared Decision Making"

Jamie Jiang, Master of Design, MA:
"New Office Workstation Design for Improving Sedentary Behaviors"

Melanie McKell, Immunology, PhD:
"Improving Your Body's Ability to Fight Infections"

Donald Ryan Gaffney, Marketing, PhD:
"Does Donald Trump Make You Smarter?"