Important Information for UC International Students

International Student Fee

All international students are required to pay the International Student Fee. The fee is $125 per semester for fall and spring semester. The fee is not charged for summer semester.

International students are charged the same tuition fees as other U.S. students who are not Ohio residents. The university incurs additional expenses associated with hosting international students, which include federal tracking and monitoring requirements associated with the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). The university also provides services and resources necessary for international students' academic and personal success. This fee will help accomplish these tasks and ensure student success.

Please contact UC International Services at 513-556-4278 or for more information.

Compulsory Health Screening

The University of Cincinnati requires a health screening of all international students at University Health Services. It is imperative that the student consult the letter included in the pre-arrival packet. It contains an immunization record sheet that must be completed, signed, and sealed by a medical official. Failure to complete the evaluation upon arrival will result in cancellation of classes for the subsequent term. If classes are cancelled, the student will be in violation of immigration status.

Student Health Insurance

All international students are required to carry University of Cincinnati student health insurance unless they qualify for a waiver. Semester fees are automatically assessed each registration period.

Students who are employed at UC as graduate assistants (such as teaching assistants and research assistants) may be eligible for the Graduate Student Health Insurance Award. This award covers part of the cost of UC student health insurance.