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Spring 2017 Issues

Give Me a Break: Make the Most of Your Spring "Staycation"
Wading in water, catching a tan, sipping something fruity—the stereotypical way to spend spring break is on the beach. But here in Cincinnati, we’re a couple hundred miles away from the coastline. If you won’t be migrating south, there’s still plenty to do right in your own backyard. From outdoor adventures (if the weather’s good) to indoor relaxation (if the weather’s bad), you can plan a spring break that won’t break the budget. Who needs all that pesky salt and sand, anyway?

Commencement Update: Master’s Students to Participate in Morning Ceremony, New Location for Morning Ceremony
Graduating master’s students will now be participating with doctoral students in the spring commencement ceremony. The Doctoral Hooding and Master’s Recognition Ceremony is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 29. The new location for the ceremony is Nippert Stadium.

Medal for award.

President’s Office Recognizes Outstanding Graduate Students
The Office of the President established the Presidential Medal of Graduate Student Excellence (PMGSE) this academic year to recognize graduate students who best exemplify scholarship, leadership, character, service and the ideals of UC. We are proud to announce that the 2017 recipients are:

  • Kendra Leahy (A&S)
  • Jessica Ross (College of Medicine) 
  • Sid Thatham (CEAS, LCOB)

From Connections to Career
You come to graduate school for academic studies, but you’re also looking for career experience and real-world connections. There are plenty of ways to get involved on-campus, but you can also venture out to find opportunities around the region. Check out these organizations and events here at UC and in the Cincinnati area that can give you a jump on your future career.

Workshop Your Writing
Engineering, neuroscience, women’s studies—no matter what program you’re in, all graduate students have one thing in common: We have to write. There are as many different styles of writing as there are fields of study, so it can be difficult to know where to start. Heading in to the Academic Writing Center (AWC) is a great place to begin.

Fall 2016 Issues

Eliza Weirbrecht.

The Lowdown on Hooking Up
What do the social sciences and everyday college life have in common? More than you might think—just ask clinical psychology PhD candidate Eliza Weitbrecht. Her award-winning master’s thesis explores the “hook up” culture of college students. Nominated for the MAGS competition, Eliza’s research focuses on the motivations and expectations young adults associate with casual sexual encounters.

GATE members.

GATEways to Teaching
Have you ever wanted to learn about learning, or be taught how to teach? As a graduate student, your day-to-day life is immersed in academic culture. The further you go in your education, the more you become invested in its practices. If you want to make a difference in the teaching community, the Graduate Association for Teaching Enhancement (GATE) is the place for you.

Ombuds office in Swift 607

Got a Conflict? Call the Ombuds
If you aren’t a lawyer, words like “mediation” and “negation” may be a little intimidating. But when conflicts come up, these resolution methods can help you make the best of the situation. So what do you do when you need to mediate or negotiate, but aren’t sure where to start? Call upon the Office of the University Ombuds to guide you to a successful resolution.

IPALS members.

Meet Your IPALs
Bearcats come from all over the world. As a student at UC, your cultural experience can go far beyond the limits of Cincinnati. You may be from or have classmates from China, India and South Korea. You can go to international events around campus. And you’ve also got IPALs—International Partners and Leaders—to help you find your place in UC’s diverse community. Meet some of the IPALs as they share who they are, how they got involved, and why they love being part of this group.

Stone lion in front of McMicken Hall

The Legends of UC
When October rolls around each fall, it’s hard not to find yourself sitting around talking about the many myths, spooky events and urban legends out there. It’s even more fun talking about legends when they are about places you pass every day! Ghosts, silly rumors and urban legends abound at UC. Have you heard of any of them?

College of Law Library.

Research Librarians to the Rescue: Experts to Elevate Your Research
When you’re writing papers and conducting research, it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. Wouldn’t it be great to have a subject matter expert to guide you? Wouldn’t it be even better if this expert were right here on campus? These superheroes are real, and we call them research librarians.

Pumpkin patch.

Fall Spooks and Sights
The air is crisp, the leaves are crunchy and the coffee is pumpkin-spiced. Telltale signs of fall are everywhere, and they may have you itching for a caramel apple or a good scare. Get your fall fix with these events happening around Cincinnati.

The UC ID Bearcat Card.

Discounts for Bearcats
Show your Bearcat Card to save on things you already buy or discover something new at a great deal. Here are some of the best reasons to always carry your student ID, so you can take full advantage of being a Bearcat.

UC police car.

Safety Resources On and Off Campus
Campus life can keep you busy day and night. Whether you’re leaving a night class, working late in the lab or studying at home, you should know about the strategies UC and the city of Cincinnati have implemented to keep you safe. Stay up-to-date on the safety resources available to you, both on and off campus.

The Cincinnati streetcar.

Say Hello to the Streetcar
If you’ve ever wished for an easier way to get around downtown, your wish was granted this past weekend with the opening of the Cincinnati streetcar. The brand-new transportation system, freshly dubbed the Cincinnati Bell Connector, launched into motion on Sept. 9. Learn more about the newest way you can explore downtown.

Swift Hall.

Fund Your Education this Fall
You’re easing into new classes, getting to know your professors and nailing down a schedule. In the rush of it all, have you kept up with the latest funding opportunities? Just because the semester has begun doesn’t mean the scholarship and awards applications have ended. Check out our list of awards to line up some funding opportunities for next year.


Getting Around Cincinnati
How do you plan on navigating through Cincinnati this semester? You may be surprised at some of the options available to UC students. Whether you own a car or not, check out this list of inexpensive and eco-friendly ways to get where you need to go.

Previous GradCURRENTS Articles

Daniele Bologna.

PFF Spotlight: Daniele Bologna
Daniele Bologna may have arrived at UC as an experienced business manager, but leading a classroom proved to be a new challenge for the doctoral candidate in psychology. Learn how Preparing Future Faculty helped him and other graduate students gain their footing as teachers.

Catalyst logo.

Catalyst Billing and You
The Office of the Bursar recently sent an email to all UC students about changes to the student billing process. Using Catalyst, the new student information system, the Bursar will now charge fees based on each student’s enrollment at different academic levels, or “careers,” during a term. Most graduate students will not be affected, but those enrolled in multiple programs or taking classes in the College of Law and College of Medicine may see changes in their bills. Check our FAQ to see how your bill could be affected by new policies.

Hyperloop pod design.

Hyperloop UC Students Zoom Ahead in Global Competition
An interdisciplinary team of UC students is one of only 30 to qualify for the final round of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. Engineers, designers and marketers are working together to prototype the transportation system of tomorrow.

Doctoral student Alexandre Bádue.

Graduate School Dean's Fellow: Alexandre Bádue
Musical theater can be much more than light entertainment. Alexandre Bádue, a doctoral candidate in the College-Conservatory of Music, researches how musical composers stretch the boundaries of storytelling through their work.

Academic Writing Center logo.

Become a Better Writer with the Academic Writing Center
No matter your program, writing is a fact of graduate life. Classwork, journal and conference papers, the intimidating bulk of a thesis or dissertation: you’re constantly putting your knowledge into words. Complicated academic ideas can be hard to communicate, but you don’t have to do it alone. The tutors at the Academic Writing Center (AWC) provide free assistance to get you through even the trickiest writing tasks.

Toritseju Omaghomi.

Three Minute Thesis Winner: Toritseju Omaghomi
For most people, the wait for hot water at the showerhead is one of life’s mysterious little inconveniences. For Toritseju Omaghomi, it's a sign of a much bigger issue. Read more about the Three Minute Thesis competition winner's research into water distribution here.

ORCID logo.

Make Your Research Mark with ORCID
After all the hard work you put into your research, you want to make sure everyone knows you were the one who did it. ORCID provides a free, permanent, unique identifier that marks research documents as yours alone.

Logo for the Graduate Student Expo and Poster Forum.

2016 Graduate Student Expo & Poster Forum Preview
There's only one event that collects the Graduate School's best work in a single room: the Graduate Student Expo & Poster Forum. Preview the highlights of this year's event, held in the TUC Great Hall on Friday, Feb. 26.

Maurice Todd.

Excellence in Teaching Award: Maurice Todd
Maurice Todd, master's winner of the Excellence in Teaching Award, focuses on the basics of double bass technique to prepare his students for the high-stakes world of orchestral auditions.

Yonatan Eyal.

Q&A with Yonatan Eyal, Director of Graduate Studies
Learn more about Dr. Yonatan Eyal, the Graduate School's new Director of Graduate Studies. The education enthusiast and history buff shares his plans to improve the graduate experience, his love of the American Civil War and what he'd do with $10 million.

Graduate student.

Prep for Success with an Individual Development Plan
The winter break is a perfect time to think about what comes after graduate school. Learn how to make an Individual Development Plan that will help kickstart your exploration.

Megan Lamkin

Excellence in Teaching Award: Megan Lamkin
Megan Lamkin, doctoral winner of the Excellence in Teaching Award, uses expertise from outside the biology classroom to blow minds, cultivate confidence and inspire professionalism.

Saul Meyerson-Knox

Talking Blues with Saul Meyerson-Knox
Where does the blues come from? The African blues might sound like a good guess, but College-Conservatory of Music graduate Saul Meyerson-Knox found that its origins aren't so clear-cut. Read more about his thesis, nominated for the MAGS 2016 Distinguished Master’s Thesis Competition.

Stethoscope and Gavel

Doing Research Right: The Institutional Review Board
If you do human subjects research at UC, you'll need to deal with the Institutional Review Board. Learn how the IRB protects the rights of research participants and ensures ethical conduct throughout the research process.

Members of PIH Engage.

Partners in Health Engage
Today's globe is interconnected not only in culture and economy, but also in health. Discover how the members of Partners in Health Engage advocate to promote equal access to healthcare in nations around the world.

The Bearcat mascot.

Images of UC
To those outside the University of Cincinnati community, the school is defined by a handful of emblems: the name of the university itself, red and black uniforms in motion and an odd mascot that is neither a bear nor a cat. But what do you know about how these symbols came into being?

  • UC Student Wins 2015 MAGS Distinguished Thesis Award
    Gavin D’Souza, a mechanical engineering student, was recognized for his outstanding master’s thesis work at the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools’ annual meeting in April. His thesis, “Influence of Serial Coronary Stenoses on Diagnostic Parameters: An In-vitro Study with Numerical Validation,” addresses a critical issue that arises with certain cases of heart disease: When a patient has multiple blockages in their coronary artery, how can doctors accurately diagnose the severity of each blockage?
  • MAGS Distinguished Thesis Award Nominee: Ainsley Lambert
    As an undergraduate student, you were probably asked incessantly what your major was and how you could use that degree in the “real world.” But how many times were you asked why you chose to go to your undergraduate institution and how you made that decision? Ainsley Lambert, a UC sociology student, focused on these questions for her master’s thesis, which was chosen to represent UC in the social sciences category of the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) Distinguished Thesis Award competition.
  • The BEARchats Program: Celebrating Diversity, Friendship and Fun
    Did you know that UC has over 2400 international students from 112 countries across the world? Would you like to get to know some of them? If so, check out the BEARchats program. BEARchats is a cultural exchange program that pairs a domestic student and an international student for weekly hangouts. Join the program and participate in events like laser tag, shopping and fun winter activities with a new friend! Currently, the program needs domestic students to pair with wait-listed international students. Apply today!
  • The Legends of UC
    When Halloween rolls around each fall, it’s hard not to find yourself sitting around talking about the many myths, spooky events, and urban legends out there. It’s even more fun talking about legends when they are about places you pass every day! Ghosts, silly rumors and urban legends abound at the University of Cincinnati. Have you heard of any of them? See if you know about some of our favorites.
  • Know Your UC Lingo
    UC is home to 13 colleges, dozens of buildings, and many, many departments and offices. So it’s no surprise that new and current students sometimes get tripped up by unfamiliar terms or similar-sounding building names. To help you start strong this fall semester, the Graduate School has compiled some need-to-know lingo and names. 
  • The “Soft Skills” That Will Land You Your Dream Job
    The hard and fast technical knowledge you learn in your classes is only a part of what’s necessary to land your dream job. Business leaders are becoming more and more concerned with what they call the “skills gap” in today’s graduates. They’re concerned that today’s generation doesn’t have all of the necessary “soft skills” to succeed in today’s workplace.
    So, are you doing everything you can right now to develop your soft skills? If not, read this article to find out what skills you’ll need to land that dream job and what you can do while in graduate school to develop those skills.
  • Put the “Pro” in Professional: Create an ePortfolio
    According to a recent Forbes article, over half of hiring managers would rather see a candidate with a personal website than any other form of personal branding. Do you have an ePortfolio? If not, check out our tips on how to get started.