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Graduate Student Spotlight: Abdul Sheikh

Abdul Sheikh
Fall 2012

Graduate student Abdul Sheikh wants to know more about your heart and the endothelial cells that keep it healthy.

Abdul studied electrical engineering in the UK and came to UC intending to study the same, but he credits his adviser Daria A. Narmoneva, PhD, with both modeling and facilitating the collaborative aspect of biomedical engineering that piqued his interest. According to Abdul, collaboration between fields in an integral aspect of BME, “which exists in a sense because there was no other field that could develop these kinds of therapies.”

Abdul is the primary author of two papers that are based on research he has conducted while at UC. One project investigates the impact of diabetes on the heart and, more specifically, on the blood vessels that provide nutrients for the heart. His other project also examines the impact of diabetes on blood vessel development, but in this case, Abdul focuses on the potential for electrical field therapy as a means to heal chronic wounds associated with diabetes.

Where does Abdul see himself in the future? Conducting more research, of course. Whether in academia or in industry, Abdul wants to continue to research novel therapeutic interventions for the cardiovascular system. For Abdul, “research is mesmerizing, almost addicting, and there is no better feeling in the world than figuring something out.”

This September, Abdul will defend his dissertation, and in October, he will begin a postdoctoral position at Yale in one of the best cardiovascular labs in the country.

Abdul Sheikh
Abdul Sheikh