Value of the PFF Program

Studies commissioned by the National PFF Organization have shown the effectiveness of PFF.  When alumni were asked whether PFF had helped them better understand and make informed choices about the options available for their academic careers, nearly all agreed that the program had been very important (DeNeef, 2002). 

In another study (Wested and Abt, 2004), 98 percent of participant respondents said they would recommend PFF to peers interested in academic careers for the following reasons:

  • PFF prepares graduate students for academic careers at diverse types of postsecondary institutions.
  • The program helps graduate students make informed career choices, conduct productive job searches and achieve early career success.
  • It provides professional development that does not negatively extend time-to-degree and encourages degree completion for some participants.

Graduates of the UC PFF Programs are similarly enthusiastic!

Lisa P.

The PFF program has been instrumental in both my graduate school experience and academic career. When I interviewed for clinical/research internships as a graduate student, faculty members and administrators at other institutions were extremely impressed by my involvement in the PFF program. In particular, several faculty members and administrators at other institutions were extremely impressed by the electronic teaching and research portfolio I created as part of the PFF program. Five years in as a professor and I am still using an updated version of my e-portfolio to highlight my accomplishments! The PFF program taught me how to effectively decode job ads and provided invaluable information regarding the importance of and tips for selecting a college or university that aligned with my career goals. These skills, along with many others, helped me to secure my academic position. My favorite component of the PFF program at UC was the mentoring experience. My mentor, Dr. Robin Lightner, was amazing and solidified my interest in becoming a professor. She continues to be a valuable colleague and friend. I strongly recommend the PFF program to graduate students who are interested in pursuing an academic career. The PFF program has been invaluable to my career!

LaTrice Montgomery, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Addiction Sciences Division, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Kay Russ.

The Preparing Future Faculty Program has helped prepare me for my future career as a faculty member in many ways. It has prepared me as a teacher, exposing me to techniques, pedagogies, and other passionate teachers. It has prepared me as a researcher, teaching me how to communicate my research effectively and arming me with strategies for balancing the many demands of life in academia. And it has prepared me for the job search and interview process which I am currently navigating. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in an academic career participate in this program!  

Mark Mitchell, PhD Candidate, Biology

Erin Lose.

PFF played an integral role in shaping my graduate student career. My mentorship experience provided me a new perspective on teaching while I worked with my mentor at Xavier University. I didn’t know the difference between a CV and resume until I took Prof. mcclung’s class, and the syllabus I created in Teaching Effectiveness got put to actual use later on when I taught my own organic chemistry class. PFF also introduced me to GATE, in which I became involved and even served as Vice President for a year. Overall, I would not feel as prepared to enter the workforce as I do now without my experiences with PFF. I would recommend it to anyone, even if you’re not yet sure about entering the academic world after graduation, as it’s an invaluable experience no matter your background or career goals.

Kendra Leahy Denlinger, PhD Candidate, Chemistry

A letter to Dr. John Bryan, instructor for the Effective Job Search course:

Dr. Bryan,

You may not remember me, but my name is Paul Branscum, and I was your student in two PFF courses: one in the fall quarter of 2008 and the other last year in the winter quarter. I just wanted to share with you some great news, that I received (and accepted) a job offer from the University of Oklahoma in the past month. I really believe by going through your courses I had an edge over other job applicants, as I was told my CV and cover letters stood out as one of the best the search committee members had seen. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all that we went over during the class, and your great teaching style, which led to helping me secure a faculty position.

Paul Branscum


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