The PFF Mentorship Experience

The culmination of the UC PFF program is the Mentoring Experience, which involves 40 hours of teaching- and service-related activities planned and conducted in close cooperation with an experienced mentor from the University of Cincinnati or from one of our four Collaborating Cluster Institutions: Xavier University, Northern Kentucky University, Mount St. Joseph University or UC Blue Ash College. Students may also select mentors from other tristate institutions of higher education but must first make separate arrangements with the PFF Program Coordinator. Completion of the Mentoring Experience is required to earn the PFF certificate.

Mentoring Checklist

Please Note:

Teaching Effeciveness must be completed before a Mentoring Agreement will be approved. Therefore, the minimum time to complete the PFF program is 1–1.5 years. Students with special circumstances for program completion should submit a request with rationale to the PFF Director.

As of 16SS, a student's advisor can no longer serve as the student's mentor for the mentoring experience. Please reach out to the PFF program coordinator at if you have any questions.

The Student

  • Explore your mentorship experience options in the Program Manual and then contact the program coordinator at to find a mentor or discuss the mentorship experience further.
  • Complete a Mentoring Agreement Contract and submit to for approval.
  • Keep a log detailing all mentoring activities and the hours spent on those activities. Ideas include observing the mentor’s teaching styles, meeting to discuss pedagogical styles and seeking suggestions on developing a syllabus.
  • Complete a two-part Mentorship Report.

Guidelines for the Mentorship Report: The first section compares the experience to the plan described in the Mentoring Agreement. The student will discuss activities completed and hours spent on each. The second section (three-page essay) discusses differences between what was planned (goals) and what actually happened (realities), what the student learned from the experience and any suggestions for future mentees.

The Mentor

  • If the mentor is not a UC employee, the mentor must complete a Personal Services Contract form and a Certification of Completed Mentorship form, which are required to process the mentor’s honorarium.
  • The mentor must complete the Post-mentoring Assessent form and Statement of Completion form and submit the forms to


* Mentoring Agreement Contract.doc (127.5 KB)
Students: use this form to lay out the details of your upcoming mentorship, including how you will spend the required 40 hours.
* PFF Post-Mentoring Assessment form.pdf (140.0 KB)
Mentors: use this form to assess the PFF student after the mentorship has been completed.

To view this document, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.