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Beyond disciplinary experience and achievements, success in any career requires leadership and interpersonal skills, effective speaking and writing, the ability to obtain funding or other resources and wisdom in confronting the societal implications of your work. These pages introduce you to resources at UC and elsewhere that will give you these skills!

Organizations for Graduate Students

Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

myIDP: Science Careers is a useful resource for doctoral students in science fields to analyze how their strengths and interests match with different careers. The University of Cincinnati encourages STEM students to use this site early in their time as graduate students (see the Graduate Student Handbook for further details).

For more information on IDPs and for IDP templates (useful for students in arts, humanities and social sciences fields who cannot use the myIDP website), see "Tailor Your Professional Development with an Individual Development Plan."

Campus Resources

* Developing the WHOLE you: Professional Development at UC
These slides are from the presentations given to new students in August 2014 about the opportunities provided by the Graduate School and UC.

Online Career Resources

  • Grad Share is an online community for graduate students to find and offer advice on topics such as work-life balance, the publishing process, dissertation topic selection and funding.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education's Graduate Students section provides advice on dissertation writing, school-life balance, dealing with debt and other important issues.
  • ASU CareerWise is an online coach for graduate women in STEM fields. The website helps women progress through their doctoral programs and prepare for future career environments by offering training in key skills, problem solving tools and personal stories of women who successfully navigated graduate school in STEM.