One semester prior to the semester in which a student anticipates graduating, the student should:

  • confer with his/her program office staff;
  • consult the Graduate School’s website for deadlines, instructions on submitting his/her electronic thesis;
  • visit the Graduate School’s website to determine if he/she is defined as a thesis or non-thesis student or consult with your program.

Application to Graduate

Students must: (1) complete academic requirements and (2) complete the official online Application to Graduate by the deadline for the semester in which they expect to graduate. Deadlines are firm and failure to meet them will delay students’ graduation until the following semester, when they must then submit a new application for their revised graduation date.

All students applying to graduate will be assessed a non-refundable graduation application fee. The fee will be assessed each semester a student applies for graduation.

Some PhD programs incorporate a master’s degree. For students in such programs, a request must be made to Carol Gundrum one semester prior to the students’ plans to graduate with the master’s degree so that the master’s program can be added.

  • Students will not be able to complete a graduation application if their candidacy information is missing. They will receive an error message and told to contact their program. Tutorials to enter this information can be found at
    • In order to graduate, a student must visit the web site and make a formal application for graduation. Deadlines are posted on the web site and these dates are firm.
    • An email notification is sent to the program representative.
    • A student graduating from a dual degree program must make a formal application for graduation for each program at http:/ The two programs must each follow the processes and procedures necessary to facilitate graduation from their respective program and complete the Certification Online.
  • Students who have applied for graduation and learn later they will not be graduating must be removed from the graduation list before they can apply again for any future semesters. If a student attempts to re-apply for graduation without having been removed from the earlier semester, the student will see an error message and told to contact their department. Departments must notify the Graduation Program Director ( of any student cancelling their graduation.

Graduation from Dual Degree Programs

The online Application to Graduate will allow a student to apply for graduation from both degree programs in an official dual degree program.

Each of the two programs must follow the certification processes and procedures necessary to facilitate a student’s graduation from their own program.

In dual degree programs, students must be registered for at least one graduate credit that contributes to degree requirements in one of the two programs (as determined by the program) during the academic year in which they graduate with their dual degrees.