Students who have not been registered for at least one graduate credit hour at UC that contributes to degree requirements (as determined by the graduate program) in an academic year (fall-summer) are considered inactive. To regain active student status, students may petition the Director of the Graduate School, through their program, for reinstatement. To apply for a reinstatement, the student must download a Graduate Petition for Reinstatement and/or Extension Form and submit the completed form (signed by his or her adviser) to the graduate program director. The form must include:

  • a description of progress towards degree, including copies of all annual progress reports for the student from his/her thesis/dissertation committee
  • degree completion to date
  • plan for degree completion
  • a letter of support from the graduate program director
  • signatures of the student’s graduate program director, associate dean and faculty adviser

A reinstatement fee equal to the current tuition for one graduate credit for each of the unregistered years up to a maximum of 3 years is assessed and communicated to the student via an approval letter. Reinstatement fees are due 2 weeks after formal approval. A service block may be added to a student’s account blocking registration until the reinstatement fee is paid.

Reinstatements are available to students who have been inactive for one–two academic years. Students who have not been enrolled for any credits in their graduate program for three or more consecutive academic years are not eligible for reinstatement and must apply for readmission to the university. (See Readmission.)

Petitions for reinstatement and extensions must be received by the Assistant to the Associate University Dean in the Graduate School Office no later than 3 weeks prior to graduation for the student to be certified for graduation in that semester. Petitions received after this time will not be approved in time for graduation that same semester. Late petitions will be held through the next processing period and a decision will be granted in time for the next graduation.

Students who have not completed their requirements by their time-to-degree limit and neglected to get an extension before reaching the limit are on inactive status regardless of registration in each academic year and are required to apply for reinstatement if they wish to continue in their program. These students must also apply for an extension of their time-to-degree. (See Time to Degree and Extensions.)