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Two graduate students from Communication Sciences and Disorders.
College of Medicine student.
Two environmental engineering students work on an experiment.

Graduate students are subject to the most current university rules and regulations. Returning students are subject to the current rules, policies, and regulations in effect at the time of their re-admission and thereafter.

The Graduate Handbook clarifies minimum university-level requirements and policies that apply to all graduate students throughout the University of Cincinnati. Beyond these, each student is also expected to adhere to requirements, policies, and procedures specific to his or her own degree program and college.

If you have questions about the requirements, policies, and procedures specific to your degree program/college, please ask one of the contact people for you program/college.

All students are responsible for knowing and following the policies in this Graduate School handbook. 

Peruse the Graduate Student Handbook using the links on the left or download below.

* Graduate Student Handbook (781.4 KB)
Policies for all Graduate Students

Recent Updates

November 6, 2013: Minor updates were recently made to further clarify existing polices based on feedback from faculty and students. No actual changes to policy were made.

  • In Assistantships, the reference to tuition scholarships for University Graduate Assistants now better reflects that the language from the Graduate Assistant Scholarship policy by specifying that Graduate Assistant Scholarships can be for full or partial tuition.
  • In Assistantships, the language regarding the eligibility of students who have 174 semester credit hours to receive university funded awards has been further edited for clarity.
  • In Extensions of Time to Degree, the language in the handbook was changed to clarify that students are able to apply for an extension of time to degree whether applying before or after time to degree expiration. Please note the Extension form already has boxes specifically for students applying prior to time to degree expiration and for students applying after time to degree expiration.