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Graduate Student Expo & Poster Forum

Each year the Graduate School hosts the Graduate Student Expo & Poster Forum (formerly known as the Graduate Poster Forum) to showcase graduate student research. Typically, between 125 and 150 students from all disciplines participate in this adjudicated university-wide event with poster topics ranging from embodied subjectivity in video games to online work breaks to water lettuce as a filtration system for silver nanoparticles.

All UC graduate students are encouraged to participate in the 2015 Graduate Student Expo & Poster Forum. Whether you want to get discipline-specific feedback on your research before you present nationally or you want to beef up your CV, the Expo & Poster Forum is a great opportunity and it is right in your own back yard. (And it is free to register!) 

Participate in the 2015 Expo & Poster Forum

The 2015 Expo & Poster Forum is scheduled for Friday, March 6, 2015, in the Tangeman University Center. 

Faculty can register to judge at

In 2014, 140 students from 35 departments across the University of Cincinnati—from German studies to chemistry and educational studies to immunobiology—shared their research and scholarship with faculty, students and the public. 

Faculty and Teaching Assistants Use Poster Forum as a Student Learning Opportunity

2013 Graduate Poster Forum

The event is open to the university community, so bring your under/graduate classes on a tour of the posters or encourage your students to attend individually. Visitors will not only get firsthand knowledge of research in action, but students may have an opportunity to explore graduate school options.

All posters will be available for viewing that day from 9 a.m. to noon. Maps of the posters and abstract books will be available so you can target your viewing to specific disciplines. Poster abstracts will be accessible online here as the event approaches.

Contact: email or call 513-556-2379 with any questions.