Poster Design and Printing Resources

Poster Display Board

Poster display board. The display board face is 48” high x 93.5” long (roughly 4x8 ft). The typical research poster is 3x4 feet.

Poster Printing Options

The most common question participants ask is "Where can I print my poster?" Listed below are on-campus printers. Consider off-campus options as well, such as printing/shipping stores and online companies (including custom printing fabric companies). 

Poster Forum Rubric for the 2017 Expo

This rubric will be used to judge all poster presentations in the upcoming 2017 Graduate Student Expo. Each student will be evaluated by two judges. Judges will assign points in addition to writing comments on the form. The two scores will be averaged; participants with the highest average scores will be named poster forum winners. Score sheets will be returned to participants in the week following the Expo.

To view this document, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.

Design Resources

* Creating Poster Presentations Using PowerPoint 2010.pdf
Created by the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library.
* Effective Poster Presentations
PowerPoint presentation from the Professional Poster Preparation Workshop, presented November 2016 by Dr. James Mack. Helpful tips on how to design an attractive and functional research poster.

Creating Effective Poster Presentations by George Hess, Kathryn Tosney and Leon Liegel

Designing conference posters by Colin Purrington. Lots of tips, advice, and do's and don't, as well as a powerpoint template for poster design.

‘The Eye of the Beholder’—Designing for Colour-Blind Users by Christine Rigden. Originally published: British Telecommunications Engineering, Vol. 17, Jan. 1999. This advice intended for software and web design, but also applicable to poster design. In particular, be very careful whenever you use color-coding on your poster. Make sure there is enough differetation in the colors' lightness and darkness so that a color-blind person can tell these colors apart. 

Scientific Poster Powerpoint Templates

Some Best Practices of Poster Design: adapted from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) website

Presentation Resources