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Dissertation Defense

UC doctoral students participate in a public defense of their dissertations. Students announce their dissertation by entering information through the Graduation Checklist application.

See announcements of these defenses below.

Defense Announcements

  • Jessica McKlveen, COM

    • Wed Nov 26 2014, 3:5 PM
    • '' Role of the Prefrontal Glucocorticoid Receptor in Synaptic, Neuroendocrine, and Behavioral Stress Adaptation''

  • Mobing Zhuang, CEAS

    • Wed Nov 26 2014, 3:5 PM
    • ''Effects of Chemical Dispersion on Crude Oils Biodegradation''

  • Devi Sundaravadivelu, CEAS

    • Wed Nov 26 2014, 3:5 PM
    • ''Parametric Study to Determine the Effect of Operational Variables on Oil Solidifier Performance for Oil Spill Remediat...

  • Xiaoting Chen, CEAS

    • Wed Nov 26 2014, 3:5 PM
    • ''Optimal Control of Non-Conventional Queueing Networks: A Simulation-Base Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach''

  • Christine Petranovich, A&S

    • Wed Nov 26 2014, 3:5 PM
    • '' Neuropsychological Functioning, Social Information Processing, and Parent-Reported Behavior and Social Competence in ...