Application Fee Waivers

Applicants who fall into specific categories (e.g., McNair and GEM scholars, who are students in fellowship programs designed to increase the presence of domestic underrepresented minorities in graduate education) will continue to receive the fee waivers to which they are entitled by virtue of participation in these initiatives. The central Graduate School office will continue to process these waivers as usual.

Apart from these applicants, individual graduate programs will themselves decide whether to grant fee waiver assistance to their prospective students. The Graduate School staff will refer applicants with questions about waivers to the individual programs to which they seek admission; the programs will decide whether to grant these requests. Individual programs may weigh multiple factors when deciding whether to grant fee assistance, including the underrepresented status of the applicant (however defined). But the decisions and funding are localized.

Should a program choose to grant a waiver for an application fee payment, the program will be required to contribute the funds for doing so from its own budget.

Programs that offer fee waivers for their applicants must ask the student to pay the fee initially. The program can then post a discretionary scholarship to the student’s account. Program faculty/staff are not allowed to pay the fee with their individual P-card. This would be a P-card violation. It is also permissible for UC employees to pay an application fee on behalf of an applicant with their own personal credit card and then to be reimbursed by the local college/program, working through the college business officer.

Please direct any questions about the mechanics of this process to Amy Robinson Wheeler: or 6-4342.