Guidelines for Suspending Admission or Discontinuation of a Graduate Degree Program

I. Suspension of a Graduate Degree Program

When a university has decided to suspend admission to a graduate degree program, the university will inform the Chancellor’s staff and members of RACGS. A ‘Program Inactivation’ form must be completed and circulated to the RACGS listserve. The form can be accessed at: or direct link. A university may suspend a graduate degree program if the institution plans to reactivate the program at some future date. At any time within seven years of the initial suspension, the university may reactivate the program simply by informing OBR and the other RACGS members that the program will be admitting students once again. It is the responsibility of the university’s Graduate Dean to determine whether or not changes in the specific field of study, since the degree program was suspended, warrant the submission of a full planning proposal to OBR and RACGS.


II. Discontinuation of a Graduate Degree Program

A.   If a suspended graduate degree program is not reactivated within the specified seven-year period, the program will be declared discontinued. If at a subsequent date after the seven-year period the university plans to reactivate a discontinued graduate degree program, the university must seek formal approval from OBR through RACGS in the same manner as required for approval of a new graduate degree program. In the view of RACGS, disciplinary changes in a specific area of study during a seven-year period may be significant enough that a new, or substantially revised, program may need to be developed.

B.   When a university has no plans to reactivate a suspended graduate degree program, the Graduate Dean should inform OBR and RACGS that the degree program has been discontinued. It is understood that if the university ever plans to reactivate the suspended graduate degree program, it will be necessary to seek the approval of OBR and RACGS through the established procedures for development of a new graduate degree program.