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Approval Process for New Programs or Changes to Existing Programs

For more information on the approval process, please make a selection from the following options:


Degree Name- refers to the degree awarded (e.g., PhD, MA, MFA). 

Degree Title- refers to field in which degree is awarded (e.g., history, physics).

Degree Designation- refers to the combined name and title (e.g., PhD in History). The university must obtain Ohio Board of Regents approval for all its degree designations.

Off-campus Program- a graduate program of study that offers more than 50% of its minimum credit hours for the degree at a site other than the Clifton or Medical Campuses.

Distance Learning Program- a graduate degree program for which more than 50% of the credit hours can be completed using distance learning technology.

Certificate Program- the university awards graduate certificates for successful completion of focused graduate coursework in approved certificate programs. These certificates may be awarded for programs of study requiring completion of any number of credits, but certificates that require more than 31 graduate credit hours must be reviewed by the Ohio Board of Regents. 

Academic Program- a program of graduate study to which a student may matriculate and for which the university certifies completion of graduate degree requirements. 

Program Concentrations- areas of curricular emphasis within an academic program that have been established as formal tracks of study by program faculty. 

Interdisciplinary Degree- in the context of the new program approval process, interdisciplinary degree refers to a degree program collaboratively offered by two or more existing degree programs that already have degree authority for the same degree name. For example, a program that offers a PhD in chemistry may collaborate with a program that offers a PhD in biology and jointly propose a PhD in biochemistry. This does not refer to the individualized interdisciplinary studies PhD program where individual students customize a PhD program.