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Admission Criteria

Graduate students.

Interested in applying? General criteria are listed below. However, the requirements of individual programs may be higher. Refer to the Graduate Program Finder for specific requirements.

  • a U.S. bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university or an equivalent degree from another country
  • a minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 3.00 or foreign equivalent
  • Proof of English proficiency if English is not your native language

Admissions Policy

Decisions concerning admission to graduate programs rest with the programs, and criteria used for determining admission are established by the programs. Program admission decisions are final unless, in very rare instances, it can be demonstrated that the program violated a policy established by the university or the Graduate School or that the program failed to consistently apply the criteria established by the program or college.

Programs have the authority to:

  • set their application deadlines
  • require certain pre-admission examinations
  • require satisfactory completion of certain course work prior to admission
  • establish other pre-admission criteria
All programs have written criteria for judging the admissibility of applicants published in each program's graduate handbook.

Faculty and Administrators' Eligibility for Graduate Degrees

The following categories are ineligible to receive a graduate degree from the University of Cincinnati:
  • Any academic administrator with the title of assistant dean or equivalent or above at the University of Cincinnati who holds faculty rank above instructor (full-time or adjunct).
  • Any faculty member at the University of Cincinnati that holds a rank above instructor (full-time or adjunct) who teaches in the same department, division or school in which the degree is to be granted. (This rule also applies to adjunct appointments at any level and to interdisciplinary degrees when the same college is one of the interdisciplinary colleges.)

College deans may petition the Associate Dean of the Graduate School for a waiver of this policy on an individual faculty member’s behalf. See the Graduate School Handbook for instructions.

Full graduate status may be granted to an applicant who meets the criteria discussed above.

Unclassified graduate status allows non-matriculated students to take courses for graduate credit when they have not been admitted into a graduate degree program. Should the student subsequently matriculate into a program, the number of credits a degree program accepts toward the degree requirements from the student under this classification ordinarily may not exceed 12 semester credits. Final determination of what credits are accepted will be made by the individual program.